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VHS cover - Think Damage

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1996, 40 minutes
Current Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

The first few minutes of Damage shows skateboarding miscalculations, errors, and the cruelty of gravity versus the skateboarder. Next come street, ramp and pool skating by the large rostered and diverse Think squad. Over half of Damage contains street skating, little wheels out, fast skating in. Transitions shown in Damage include pools, cement bowls, mini ramps, and tig-ole vert ramps. Music consists mainly of rockers, but a couple hippies and one DJ complete the list.

Joe Flesci July 23, 2002

Considering Damage is a forty-minute video and five years old, it really never got stale. Uhhh, I'm thinking it's because of the variety. There’s much to see through the spread of tricks, different approaches to the same spots (i.e. China Banks), ramps, and street. Most of the Think crew doesn't coincide with being labeled either street or vert skaters, they’re all mixed up. The sounds ain't so diverse though, they're mainly all fast rockers. That was ok, because when I surveyed myself I favored the rock-n-roll over hippie anthems anyway.

Joe Flesci

Who Farted? March 29, 2003

Whenever I watch this video I end up doing a lot of fast forwarding. There are a few kids whose parts consist of ten mediocre tricks set to shitty Guttermouth-type bands. At least Drehobl redeems this by skating to Holiday in Cambodia. Overall, there's not really anything outstanding or very memorable in the video. It may still get you excited to go out and skate, but even the worst turd of a movie could do that to some people.

Who Farted?

What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Don Carey
Dan Drehobl
Chad Fernandez
Karl Hubble
Veith Kilberth
Brett Margaritas
Zac Martin
Tim McKenney
Rodrigo Menezes
Matt Pailes
Duane Peters
Joel Price
Brian Schaefer
Phil Shao
Joe Sierro
Wade Speyer
Sergie Ventura
Marc Weber
Paul Zuanich

Also Appearing:
Peter Bici
Greg Carrol
Keith Cochrane
Don Fisher
Mike Matilainen
Bob Reynolds
Greg Ware

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from Damage, check out the soundtrack for it.

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