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VHS cover - Union Right to Skate

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Right to Skate
1992, 38 minutes
Current Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Right to Skate is produced by High Voltage Productions and Jamie Mosberg (producer of the Classic Birdhouse video 'The End'.) No, you won't see any 35mm footage or million dollar budget. Instead you get to witness some of the skateboard world's most esteemed veterans in their youth. The cast includes Kris Markovich, Ethan Fowler, Mike Vallely, and a slew of other legends late flipping everything in sight.

Thrashathon February 24, 2002

I'm not going to give a whole run down of the pros and cons of this video, but I will tell you the best features of it: <b>1.</b> Seeing Mike Vallely with a full head of hair. <b>2.</b> Seeing Ethan Fowler wearing shorts that could clothe five small children. <b>3.</b> Jeremy Klein's intense segment. <b>4.</b> The fact that Damon Byrd can do a half kickflip then flip it back double. <b>5.</b> Evidence that little wheels don't give you any pop unless you have amazing talent (e.g. Kris Markovich has amazing talent) <b>6.</b> The different colors of shoes and pants that Damon Byrd wears. <b>7.</b> The best segments coming from Kris Markovich and Ethan Fowler. Also, I will say that this video has a lot of flips and very little pop which that tends to make you dizzy after awhile.


World1991 April 15, 2004

Right to Skate is one the early 90's best underrated videos. The video avoids the early 90's paradigm, which essentially entailed showcasing and an endless cast of "flash in the pan" tech dogs. Instead, Union showcased a full roster of future legends though their solid and diverse team. The video starts off with Mike Vallely opening up a serious can of whip ass on some pretty primitive street terrain. Vallely executes a slew of rare tricks in this one, including a Nollie tailslide, switch 5-0, a chest-high late shove-it, and a particularly tasteful frontside bluntslide to switch 5-0. This part is a testament to Vallely's versatility and overall repertoire. Other sections of note include the extremely ridiculous execution of late flip variations by Damon Byrd and Kris Markovich's aggressive slaughter of all things Carlsbad. Right to Skate is definitely a nice notch on skateboarding’s bedpost.


What to Expect:

Featured Skaters:
Josh Beagle
Tom Boyle
Damon Byrd
Ethan Fowler
Jerry Fowler
Kris Markovich
Alfonzo Rawls
Mike Vallely

Also Appearing:
Todd Congelliere
Ron Creager
Buster Halterman
Jeremy Klein
Andrew Reynolds

Sound Track:
If you dig the music from Right to Skate, check out the soundtrack for it.

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