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Foundation Skateboards

Thanks for Playing!
The results for the Foundation Pop Tool contest are below for your sexual pleasure. Congratulations to the 8 big wieners!

The 8 Winning Tools
# Name Total Correct Tie Breaker Answer
1. Beth Turkin 12 112 (+112)
2. Luke Norrad 12 138 (+138)
3. Greg Hendle Jr. 12 237 (+237)
4. Trevor Routman 12 237 (+237)
5. Vitor Hugo Szortyka 12 268 (+268)
6. Brian Keathley 12 442 (+442)
7. Jocelyn ???? 12 642 (+642)
8. Joshua Lewis 11 92 (+92)

Photo #1
Caulk Gun
Photo #2
Photo #3
Cicle Cutter
Photo #4
Miter Box
Photo #5
Tuck Pointer
Photo #6
Screw Extractor
Photo #7
Linesman's Plier
Photo #8
Shingler's Hatchet
Photo #9
Hex Key
Photo #10
Todd Falcon
Photo #11
Woodsplitting Wedge
Photo #12
Half Round Shoe Rasp
More nails than hairs on your booty! The Dumb Tie Breaker Question:

How many nails are in the SkimTheFat coffee can?

Zero nails! They were all screws! HA!

These Guys Need Tools:
Congratulations to Patric Gegor and George Rodriguez for getting nothing right. You guys win nothing.

The Prizes:
Top 8:  A Foundation Pop Tool
9th:  Sweat from our Balls

What is the Foundation Pop Tool??
The Foundation Pop Tool fits in your pocket, attracts women, and wins fights. 100% steel with 1/2", 3/8", 9/16" wrenches for your axel nut, king pin, and mounting hardware. Plus it has a bottle opener for all you hessians out there.

Find out more:
Visit the Foundation Skateboards website.

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