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OutLook Skateboards
Fuck the law.

Thanks for Playing!
The results for the OutLook Skateboards contest are below for your long lasting chewing enjoyment. Mad props to the 4 who rode one tile higher than the rest in skate park school.

The 4 Lucky Bastards
# Name Total Correct Tie Breaker Answer
1. Gopal Butler 12 84 (+2)
2. Jerrod Phillips 12 87 (+5)
3. Rob McTaggart 12 73 (+9)
4. Karen Okumura 12 72 (+10)

Skatepark #1
Millenium, Canada
Skatepark #2
Kona, FL
Skatepark #3
Burnside, OR

Skatepark #4
Food Lion, NC
Skatepark #5
Denver, CO
Skatepark #6
Ripon, CA

Skatepark #7
Keolu Hills, HI
Skatepark #8
Louisville, KY
Skatepark #9
Major Taylor, IN

Skatepark #10
Marseille, France
Skatepark #11
Port Orford, OR
Skatepark #12

Shorty's got stacks... The Dumb Tie Breaker Question:

How many CD's are in the SkimTheFat easy listening collection?

82 CDs

The Oscar Meyer Weiners:
Congrats to Mills Mcllroy and Ivo Ivanov Dimitrov for scoring a big phat zero. They are proud winners of sweat from our ballz.

The Prizes:
1st:  OutLook Deck
2nd:  Set of Burley ABEC-7 Bearings
3rd:  OutLook T-Shirt
4th:  Booby Prize

About OutLook Skateboards:
Hailing from Virginia, OutLook creates quality boards and bearings at prices worthy of your hard earned dough. With deck styles from old and new school to pool and freestyle, OutLook has more board variety than Home Depot. Do yourself a favor and hook one up!

Check That Shit:
Visit the OutLook Skateboards website.

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