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Me Skateboards
These prizes are for you, not Me.

Thanks for Playing!
Behold! The Me Skateboards contest results are here and we've had an all time high for contestants getting all of the questions correct! Go figure it happened with porn trivia... It resultantly came down to the tiebreaker, which rightfully weeded out our top three smut junkies. If you didn't win this time, try the Villain Skateboards contest!

The 4 Winners
# Name Total Correct Tie Breaker Answer
1. Cameron Butova 12 270 (+6)
2. Eric Ziembowicz 12 288 (+12)
3. Galen Kennedy 12 245 (+31)
4. Jerrod Phillips 12 235 (+41)

Skank #1
Brian Surewood
Skank #2
Wendy Whoppers
Skank #3
Byron Long
Skank #4
Nyrobi Knights
Skank #5
Dick Nasty
Skank #6
Jade Wong
Skank #7
John Holmes
Skank #8
Brooklyn Rhodes
Skank #9
Nacho Vidal
Skank #10
Pancho Moler
Skank #11
Dixie Downs
Skank #12
Vince Voyeur
We know how to use a VCR. The Stupid Tie Breaker Question:

How many VHS tapes are in the SkimTheFat video library?

276 tapes.

The Weiners Patrol:
Congrats to Ali Tabugger, Evan Booher, Adam Spence and Sam Boren for taking the straight and narrow path away from lust and getting every question wrong. Now go to the adult video store and repent!

The Goods:
1st:  A Me Deck of your choice
2nd:  T-Shirt
3rd:  A Me Skateboards Hat
4th:  Mystery prize

About Me Skateboards:
Me Skateboards hails from Maryland, which, for all you geographers, is called “America in Miniature.” With that said, you would think they’d be the Tech Deck capital of the world, however Me strives to bring quite the opposite. Me reprezents the east side with an array of rock-solid Canadian maple decks that are guaranteed to turn some heads.

Check em out:
Visit the Me Skateboards website.

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