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Do you want to show the world your skateboarding talent? Or are you like us, and are way too embarrassed to show how bad you suck after 10 years of skating? Either way, this section provides you with the resources to become an official contributor to our site.

What to do:
Make a skate video and send it to us. We accept VHS (all major formats: NTSC, PAL, SECAM), DV, mini DV, and Hi-8. If you don't have a video camera, don't let that stop you! Borrow a camera or go to a store like Best Buy for the ole' use-and-return.

Why send SkimTheFat your video?
Because you have nothing better to do! Well, for starters, we will post a review of your video on our site. Eventually we're going to take the best footage we can find and make a compilation video, which you will hopefully be a part of.

Where do I send my video?
Make sure to send us your contact information (name, address, phone number) with your video. Ship everything to:

3511 W. Lyndale St., Apt. 3
Chicago, IL  60647

Please Note:
If you'd like to get your tape back then please include for return postage. Yes, we are non-profit and have to sell our plasma as well as other bodily fluids (we care not to mention) to make a buck. If you have any questions, please email us.

The Leap of Faith The Leap of Faith
We at SkimTheFat love fruitbooters and wish to dedicate this video to them.
Real Video

Extreme Pussy Footin' Extreme Pussy Footin'
More evidence that fruitbooters are a joke.
Real Video

Face Plant Face Plant
This rollerblader skates through cones and then promptly eats shit for breakfast.
Real Video

Submit a One-Liner
You might be awesome at skating, but if you think you're funny enough, submit a one-liner to us.

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