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The SkimTheFat forum rules are simple, we won't put up with bullshit. Any attacks to other users through physical threats or abusive slander just won't be tolerated. Our moderators will be patrolling the forums for garbage and if it becomes a problem, we won't hesitate to ban you.

Enough smack talk:
With that being said, SkimTheFat believes in freedom of speech. After all, we are all skateboarders. However, we gotta hold people responsible for how they behave around here. Our forums are meant to exchange information and ideas, not to smear smack talk across the internet. You gotta admit, there are enough crap talking forums out there already. If that's the type of vibe you want then please don't use the SkimTheFat forums.

Stick to the point:
Unfortunately, if your post doesn't have anything to do with the forum you're in, we will simply erase it. For example, if you're in the video trading forum and you start posting messages about what Bam Margera eats for breakfast, we'll delete the damn thing. We just want to make sure that everyone posts their messages in the proper place.

If you come across a message that you find offensive, you have every right to complain about it. One of the forum moderators will look at it and in the end, be the final judge about what to do about the post and the person that posted it.

Enjoy the forums:
We know all of this sounds a bit stiff, but we gotta be stict about this stuff because we want to make sure everyone enjoys the forums. Hopefully, it will be a worthwhile site to visit.

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