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Foundation Skateboards
7 lucky winners get the video.  8th place gets a date with Michael Jackson.

Thanks for Playing!
Here are the results for the Foundation Euro Tour contest! This contest must have been extra stupid as no one got all 11 questions correct. Congratulations to the 7 lucky fools below!

The 7 Winners
# Name Total Correct Tie Breaker Answer
1. Matt Ruby 9 24 (+11)
2. Kenyon Carroll 9 19 (+16)
3. John Proach 9 18 (+17)
4. Russell Bongard 9 16 (+19)
5. Crystal Wheeler 9 13 (+22)
6. Tim Urbanek 8 30 (+5)
7. Bryan Edward Smith 8 23 (+12)

Photo #1
These shades are sponsored by:


Photo #2
Reading material should be:


Photo #3
This road snack is:

Bound to kill you

Photo #4
This rubberized cylindrical object is a:

Spare wheel

Photo #5
The device above is a:

Pocket breathalyzer

Photo #6
East to West across Arkansas is about:

286 miles

Photo #7
You can judge clean briefs by:

A litmus test

Photo #8
Use this medicated powder on your:

Dank feet

Photo #9
Helmets for the skatepark should be:

Good times

Photo #10
Gunpowder and a fuse equals:

Good times

Photo #11
In trucker slang, "Motion Lotion" means:

Diesel fuel

Go see the movie! The Really Stupid Tie Breaker Question:

How many keys did Pete dig out of his tight denims?

35 keys

The Big Zero:
Congrats to Daniel John Heyer for being the only person to get everything wrong. Go on a roatrip bro.

The Phat Prizes:
Top 7:  Foundation European Tour Video
8th:  A pat on the back

About the Video:
This video is the 2003 National Gee-o-graph-flick critically acclaimed documentary of the Foundation crew preaching stuntwood worship throughout Europe. The video stars tight-pant rippers Ethan Fowler, Daniel Shimizu, Leo Romero and Corey Duffel.

Find out more:
Visit the Foundation website.

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