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Character Skateboards
These prizes don't suck.

Thanks for Playing!
Below are the answers to the Character Skateboards contest. Congratulations to the Mastantuono family for being old farts and placing 1st and 3rd. They will be riding a new Character Deck while wearing a hessian mesh hat.

The 7 Winners
# Name Total Correct Tie Breaker Answer
1. Jeane Mastantuono 12 110 (-19)
2. Jesse F. 12 100 (-29)
3. Mark Mastantuono 12 100 (-29)
4. Phil Toselli 12 75 (-54)

Mugshot #1
Neil Blender
Mugshot #2
Christian Hosoi
Mugshot #3
Rodney Mullen
Mugshot #4
John Lucero
Mugshot #5
Stacy Peralta
Mugshot #6
Duane Peters
Mugshot #7
Lester Kasai
Mugshot #8
Jeff Phillips
Mugshot #9
Tommy Guerrero
Mugshot #10
Bill Danforth
Mugshot #11
Chris Miller
Mugshot #12
Sir Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
If you're trying to count the stickers in this picture, you're on dope. The Stupid Tie Breaker Question:

How many Character stickers are in this pile?

129 stickers and 1 blonde pubic hair.

The Big Weiner:
Congratulations to Papa Luigi (If that really is your name) for being the only person that got every question wrong! Get to know your skate roots, Papa!

The Delicious Booty:
1st:  A Character deck
2nd:  T-shirt of your size and choice
3rd:  A hesh mesh hat
4th:  Mystery prize

About Character Skateboards:
One of the only skateboard companies brave enough to hold down the Windy City, Character strives to provide skaters with the highest quality boards with innovation and style to boot. With these guys around, the Midwest skate scene's future is so bright you gotta wear a welding mask.

Find out more about Character Skateboards:
Visit the Character Skateboards website.

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