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The beginning
Like most big projects, the creation of this site has been quite a mission. The idea was sparked sometime around December of 2000, when two skateboarders figured that it'd be fun to provide the world with something it lacks: a guide to skateboarding videos. Within no time, fun was far out of the picture as they slaved day after day to program, collect videos, and perform endless amounts of data entry. Until now...

What the hell we're doing now
For starters, we're only presenting a fraction of the videos that we have in our collection and even a smaller number than what exists. But our ultimate goal is to get enough support from companies and you so that we can find, archive, and review every skateboard video of the past, present and future.

We need your help
Although we have an Army of Reviewers, the fact remains that we have over 600 videos that still need to be watched and reviewed. If you think you can help us, please apply to become a reviewer.

Video trades and home videos
Do you know of a video we don't have? Tell us and maybe we can trade you for another video. Our mission is to collect as many videos as we can to catalog them. You made a home skate video? Send it in and if it's good enough, we'll put the footage in the upcoming SkimTheFat video.

Master Horvath and Master Tran Thanks for checking out the site,
Pete and Jerry from SkimTheFat

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